Via Ferrata Straumsfjellet and Via Ferrata Løefjell/Brokke

Broke via ferrata has guided tours from June 1st until the season closes on September 30th. Tours begin at 11.00 at Helle camping. Registration can be done on this website.

Straumsfjäll opens on 17 May. Guided tours were the day until the end of the season in September. Booking can be done on the website.

Via Ferrata Straumsfjäll

Via Ferrata Brokke

Challenge yourself and your friends in Norway’s longest and toughest Via Ferrata. The Ferrata is graded to D very difficult) with overhanging lots and few steps. For those of you who are not experienced climbers, it is highly recommended to go with a guide, because with a guide and thanks to steel cables and iron steps most people can venture up the steep Straumsfjellet.

At the top, 550 meters above the creek, one can enjoy the view of beautiful Setesdalen!

A gap hawk has also been set up for those who wish to spend the night. The path down is easy to follow, but it is steep and runs somewhat in rough terrain.

Via Ferrataen in Løfjallet / Brokke is new for this year. It became ready in the fall of 2016. This one has the grading B (light / medium). On this route the steps sit closer and are adapted to younger climbers. The climb itself is 500 meters long and is really great family adventure.

At the top you can take a dip.

The descent is a marked hiking trail, and the whole trip is estimated to take about 4 hours, there and back.

Guided tour

Straumsfjellet: We strongly recommend to go with a guide. These are experienced climbers who help and guide you safely up the climbing path, from start to finish. We have tours every day, meeting at. 8:30 am and 2 p.m. 09.30.

If you want a different time, or are a large group, get in touch!

Brokke / Løefjell: A guided tour every day from Helle Camping. Attendance at 11.00. If you want to go on your own this can happen both before and after … just remember registration at the campsite before climbing.

NOTE; All guide / group tours MUST be booked no later than 1700 the day before.

Practical information

There is attendance at Helle Camping FOR EVERYONE to go via Ferrata !! (See map).

Dress well, weather, and wear good shoes without slippery soles. Sneakers work well.

In the bag: wind / rain jacket, sneeze, extra energy and 1-2 l with water / drink.

The tours take hours: Straumsfjellet 5-8 hours and Løefjell / Brokke about 4 hours.

Please note that the trip may be canceled due to rain, should this happen we move the trip to another date.

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